Miss Blaylock's School for Girls - book cover imageMiss Blaylock’s School for Girls is the captivating sequel to Painted Trillium, Robert Brandt’s well-received first novel. Painted Trillium follows twenty-one-year Carrie Blaylock’s struggle to survive the Civil War in her native Tennessee and her passion to educate girls. Two decades later, she is living her dream as an independent woman and respected headmistress of a Nashville school that prepares girls for college. She is in a comfortable if unconventional relationship with a local banker, Sam Marshall, a Union army veteran.

In the summer of 1884, at age forty-two, Carrie has the surprise of her life. It was unheard of for expectant mothers to teach. Continuing to teach after marriage wasn’t acceptable for women either. Nevertheless, Carrie Blaylock courageously confronts confining social norms, and defying all odds, vows to continue on with her school. Along the way, the headmistress is drawn into the movement that earned women the right to vote, which culminated with Tennessee’s ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment.

Miss Blaylock’s School for Girls is published by Wandering in the Words Press and distributed through Ingram. The author is available for speaking engagements and book discussions. For more information, email the author, visit his Amazon author page, or contact wanderinginthewordspress.com.


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